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The Acoustical Society of Korea is an acoustical research institute of the Korean Acoustical Society which is specialized in sound processing, acoustic signal processing, acoustic communication technology, electro acoustics, psychology and music acoustics, new media, underwater acoustics, physical acoustics, photoacoustics, ultrasonic, architectural acoustics and structural acoustics. It consists of 12 professional research institutes, and individuals and organizations engaged in academic and technical fields related to this can participate as members. The active membership period can be set up after the enrollment is completed according to the membership procedure.

Membership and qualification

Regular member

Those who have specialized knowledge, skills, or experience in the academic activities of the society (from the doctoral course of graduate school)

Student member

Students enrolled in the academic activities of the society
(Including postgraduate master’s course)

Group member

Libraries in the nature of information sharing, departmental units and resources in companies and research centers in related fields

Member benefits


You can get the journal in odd months
(JAN, MAR, MAY, JUL, SEP, NOV – Journal of the Acoustical Society of Korea)


You can receive various information about domestic and international conferences by e-mail and postal mail.


You can get a discount on the participation fee when you hold a domestic academic conference.


You are eligible for publication of articles in journals.