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Members’ annual dues are used as valuable resources for the society.
For membership dues, please refer to the followings.

Membership Fee

Regular member

New Member: ₩ 60,000 (Including Registration fees ₩ 10,000)
Existing members: ₩ 50,000 (annual fee)

Student Membership

New members: ₩ 20,000 (Registration fee waived)
Existing members: ₩ 20,000 (annual fee)

Group Members

New members: ₩ 200,000 (Registration fee waived)
Existing members: ₩ 200,000 (annual fee)

Payment method

Bank transfer

169-095333-01-001 (Woori bank)
Account name: The Acoustical Society of Korea, incorporated

Wire transfer

Wire number: 7520923
(Available in Bank by Giro deposit slip)

Credit card payment

Click on the right [credit card payment]
button for credit card payment.


01. Please make payment for annual membership dues by end of this year, December 31st.
02. Please make sure to check the description so that the name of the member will not be missed when you make a deposit (especially when transferring through PC banking, phone banking, etc.) or bank transfer.
03. We will mail the Journal of the Acoustical Society of Korea (Journal magazine), published in the Society for members who have paid their membership dues. Please note that there may be limit mailing the journal for the members with unpaid dues.
04. If you want to contribute articles or to participate in academic conferences as a member, you need to have no history of unpaid dues.